Parenting Tip#1 Winning and Losing

I’ve seen this so many times as a grandmother

Grow Kids

My youngest hates to lose. That is probably pretty normal for kids who are 8 years old. She hates it so much she cheats and changes the rules to increase her chances to just about 100%. The other day at checkers we were at a stand off. She refused to move any of her bottom row men to the point where all my checkers were advanced as far as they could go. She could not have jumped any of my checkers as they were two rows deep by this point. She did have a king wondering around the back half of the board with no one to jump, as all of mine were at the other end in the stand off. In order to win, she moved one of my checkers back to its starting point creating a weakness in my fortification. I allowed it with protest and clear statements…

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