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IF All Grand-ma-Ma’s . . .

Could bring in the day with a great big smile,

Create peels of laughter with a very funny face,

And lather every child with bubbles of love,

What a wonderful place this would be!







The beauty of grandparenting

The beauty of grandparenting has no parallel. The sadness of it is that not all children have grandparent contacts. But, perhaps through books – read outloud – children without a grandparent can have some imaginery fun with one. It’s certainly worth a try; just one smile would make the books worthwhile.

Parenting Tip#1 Winning and Losing

I’ve seen this so many times as a grandmother

Grow Kids

My youngest hates to lose. That is probably pretty normal for kids who are 8 years old. She hates it so much she cheats and changes the rules to increase her chances to just about 100%. The other day at checkers we were at a stand off. She refused to move any of her bottom row men to the point where all my checkers were advanced as far as they could go. She could not have jumped any of my checkers as they were two rows deep by this point. She did have a king wondering around the back half of the board with no one to jump, as all of mine were at the other end in the stand off. In order to win, she moved one of my checkers back to its starting point creating a weakness in my fortification. I allowed it with protest and clear statements…

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Do We Overprotect Our Kids?

I’m a protective Grandma, but there are some good points here…

Pieces of Peace

Last fall I posted a picture on Facebook of Dale and me with three of our grandchildren at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Lancaster County. The toddler was in a stroller. Dana (the toddler’s mom) commented, “My baby is not strapped! Caught you!” No, I had not belted Selena into the stroller. She was in and out of the thing all day, and I didn’t think it was necessary to strap her in every single time we moved a few yards from one farm attraction to another. Dana’s comment made me feel a little guilty, but also a little defensive.

What person my age hasn’t said multiple times, “It’s a wonder we survived,” as we observe and enforce all the safety precautions that are intended to protect our children and grandchildren from harm. In my childhood, there weren’t any seat belts or car seats, bike helmets and knee/elbow pads…

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Fifteen books every little girl should read…

I love reading to my grandkids 🙂

Books, Coco and Me

As you know, I LOVE  BOOKS! I can spend hours reading them. Though my favorite books keep changing as I grow.  Here is a list of my favoritest (I don’t think there is a word like that!!! but you get the idea) books. Most of these are quite ‘girly’ and may or may not appeal to the boys. But I will be doing a list of books for boys too, pretty soon…

picture courtesy picture courtesy

A little princess- About a rich motherless girl who is sent to boarding school by her father who she adores. A must read for all girls. Read more about A little Princessa little princess

Anne of green gables – A heart warming story about an orphan girl who is adopted by a maid and bachelor who live in Avonlea. I like this book. Read more about Anne of green Gables

anne of green gables

Malory Towers – A boarding school story…

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